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10th June 2014

We - Stephanie and Rebecca Holmes - are breeders and exhibitors of long coat chihuahuas located to the north of Auckland, New Zealand. Since acquiring our first chihuahua, CH. Tess Of Homebrook, in 2001, we have been deeply involved in conformation shows throughout the North Island. Our aim is to breed, show and promote top quality, true to type long coats capable of challenging the very best competitors at Group and In Show level and who fit the Breed Standard as closely as possible. We strive for excellence in our heads and movement; the high rounded apple dome skull and short muzzle being a distinguishing characteristic of the breed and balanced, sound movement with full reach in the front and drive from the rear being essential for creating the "brisk, forceful action" required by the Standard.

Temperament is also important to us; we provide all our dogs and puppies with a healthy pack environment and maintain stability and routine as much as possible to promote mental soundness. We go to great lengths to develop our dogs' self-confidence as we believe this is essential in order to gain recognition in the show ring. Our dogs are well exercised and fed premium quality Royal Canin dog biscuits to keep them in optimum physical condition. They are raised in a family environment and spend much of their time indoors playing with us, each other or their chews and toys, but have free access to a fenced area outside for toileting.

The road to our ultimate goal is long and winding. We take our time with each of our show dogs to ensure they reach their full potential before retirement, and with each new generation we are becoming increasingly selective about what we show and breed from. What characteristics we identify as lacking in our current lines we introduce to our breeding programme through importing. We have come a long way since Tess first stole our hearts, but still have much, much more to achieve.

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~Proud members of Hibiscus Coast Kennel Association~

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